Houston Criminal Defense Attorney James Sullivan Visits Crime Scenes

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney James Sullivan visits crime scenes when he defends the accused.  There is simply no other way to get an accurate feel for the landscape and to learn the whole story.  How else can one properly represent their clients without visiting the crime scenes?  James Sullivan has been able to win many cases at trial or has persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss or the grand jury to no bill (dismiss) his client's case simply by visiting the crime scene and learning important information, significant details, different vantage points that the police either did not notice or chose not to include in their official offense report.  Such information can be the difference between a guilty verdict or a not guilty verdict.  Such information can also prove that the alleged eyewitness or police officer could not possibly have seen what he purports to have seen from his vantage point.  Sometimes even critical physical evidence can be overlooked at the crime scene that may take an expert witness to examine.

If you want a Houston criminal trial lawyer with proven results, you can call Attorney James Sullivan at (281) 546-6428.
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